The Beast/Hopefully Baby has Arrived!!!

Yey… Yey… so the Beast has arrived! I am calling it the beast at the moment, because it scares me slightly… 😮 🙂


The machine has 15 stitches, and a bundle of feet that I currently do not understand… 🙂 But I like it!


So in a previous post, I decided that my first project would be a pin cushion, makes sense noooo??? Unfortunately my delivery of stuffing (wadding?) has not arrived so I am pincushionless at the moment…

Image Mass of pins………………….

The first thing I did once the Beast was plugged in and threaded was attempt straight lines and play with the stitches (see my attempt below)

Image Not sure why this wont load in the right way… forgive the sideways angle please

I don’t think I did too horrifically…. But then I am biased.. 🙂

So of course once I had played with the machine and scared myself silly by pressing too hard on the foot (WHOOPS)…. I wanted to MAKE something… Luckily the dried Lavender I ordered had arrived, sooooooo Lavender bags for my drawers (chest of drawers not underwear drawers 😉 )

Image Lots and lots of Lavender 🙂

Bag before turning the right way round and stuffing:

Image Not sure why wordpress is turning this photo upside down…. I cant seem to fix it!

Once stuffed and topstitched sealed… bit wonky… whoops, I had a bit of difficulty with the final stitching with the lavender in the bag… 🙂


But overall happy with, so I have made 6 of these for my chest of drawers… Although boring fabric and I know the contrasting thread is a bit strange, I still love my first attempt 😀

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Spooky and Creepy (but in the good way)

Wow – totally cool!!!

So there I was watching telly, waiting for my machine to arrive (anything worse than waiting for a delivery???) and guess what advert comes on “Great British Sewing Bee”… So I hopped over to iPlayer and watched last Tuesday’s episode… Beyond exciting!

Needless to say I have set up my goggle box to record the remaining three episodes… 

I loved all the people on the show and I was gutted that they eliminated a contestant on the first episode, felt unfair!!! (and I liked who went, but I wont put a spoiler here)

My favourites from watching this episode was:

  • Mark
  • Tilly
  • Lauren

Mark for his amazing dress that he did at the end, I think I may have to remember that style and the pattern/colour contrasts for when I get better.

Tilly for her gungho attitude to altering the patterns

and Lauren for her wicked styling too.

However all of them were amazing!!!

So off I toddle to the blogosphere to look at what others thought, only to discover two of the contestants have blogs (that I found), Tilly and then Lauren (links below):
So I am in love with Tilly’s Learn to Sew and I think I have read all of them  🙂

I am trying to work out about how to add her button to my blog :-p

This spurred me on to look at other “Learn to Sew” guides where I came across Threads Magazine Youtube channel, I highly recommend it 🙂

Signing off now to go rewatch the Great British Sewing Bee….


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Happy Happy…

I am surprised how happy I was to receive my first like from a fellow blogger… Well I say fellow, but as this is only my third post maybe I can’t be classed as a fully fledged fledgling yet 🙂 

Tailorfairy, you made my day today – many thanks!!!!! 🙂 I had a gander at your blog and found it inspiring.

You rock!!! 

Well I am off for the night 🙂

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So on my previous post I mentioned that I was looking to pick my first project…

It came to me in the depths of the darkness of early morning, I do not own a pin cushion. And… A pincushion can be a basic square shape so no complicated round seams to negotiate (I have mentioned that I have not used a machine before, right?)

So now I need to raid mine and the adorable other halfs wardrobes for scrap fabrics (ok, ok yes I officially mean old clothes that I can slice and disassemble for ruining with lots of random stitches in the attempt to stitch straight)

Wish me luck on my raid 🙂

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Vogue; I tell thee…

I have decided after seeing such beautiful creations on the tinterweb that I wanted to give it a go… So after much debating, umming and ahhhing I finally have picked the additional craft to add to the arsenal so to speak… Dressmaking.

The wonder at what can be created with fabric and thread has always made me smile.  So the plunge has been taken, and I want to document my progress from complete novice to… well obviously I hope to be competent dressmaking, but only time will tell.  I will also work at documenting other crafts that interest me and items I create.

I have made my choice and have the Toyota Super Jeans machine is being delivered this coming weekend, so between then and now I will be researching like mad to find something I can make and be proud of ASAP!!! Wish me luck!


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