Spooky and Creepy (but in the good way)

Wow – totally cool!!!

So there I was watching telly, waiting for my machine to arrive (anything worse than waiting for a delivery???) and guess what advert comes on “Great British Sewing Bee”… So I hopped over to iPlayer and watched last Tuesday’s episode… Beyond exciting!

Needless to say I have set up my goggle box to record the remaining three episodes… 

I loved all the people on the show and I was gutted that they eliminated a contestant on the first episode, felt unfair!!! (and I liked who went, but I wont put a spoiler here)

My favourites from watching this episode was:

  • Mark
  • Tilly
  • Lauren

Mark for his amazing dress that he did at the end, I think I may have to remember that style and the pattern/colour contrasts for when I get better.

Tilly for her gungho attitude to altering the patterns

and Lauren for her wicked styling too.

However all of them were amazing!!!

So off I toddle to the blogosphere to look at what others thought, only to discover two of the contestants have blogs (that I found), Tilly and then Lauren (links below):


So I am in love with Tilly’s Learn to Sew and I think I have read all of them  🙂

I am trying to work out about how to add her button to my blog :-p

This spurred me on to look at other “Learn to Sew” guides where I came across Threads Magazine Youtube channel, I highly recommend it 🙂

Signing off now to go rewatch the Great British Sewing Bee….


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