The Beast/Hopefully Baby has Arrived!!!

Yey… Yey… so the Beast has arrived! I am calling it the beast at the moment, because it scares me slightly… 😮 🙂


The machine has 15 stitches, and a bundle of feet that I currently do not understand… 🙂 But I like it!


So in a previous post, I decided that my first project would be a pin cushion, makes sense noooo??? Unfortunately my delivery of stuffing (wadding?) has not arrived so I am pincushionless at the moment…

Image Mass of pins………………….

The first thing I did once the Beast was plugged in and threaded was attempt straight lines and play with the stitches (see my attempt below)

Image Not sure why this wont load in the right way… forgive the sideways angle please

I don’t think I did too horrifically…. But then I am biased.. 🙂

So of course once I had played with the machine and scared myself silly by pressing too hard on the foot (WHOOPS)…. I wanted to MAKE something… Luckily the dried Lavender I ordered had arrived, sooooooo Lavender bags for my drawers (chest of drawers not underwear drawers 😉 )

Image Lots and lots of Lavender 🙂

Bag before turning the right way round and stuffing:

Image Not sure why wordpress is turning this photo upside down…. I cant seem to fix it!

Once stuffed and topstitched sealed… bit wonky… whoops, I had a bit of difficulty with the final stitching with the lavender in the bag… 🙂


But overall happy with, so I have made 6 of these for my chest of drawers… Although boring fabric and I know the contrasting thread is a bit strange, I still love my first attempt 😀

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